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  Slide Lectures
Artist as Collector

The Artist as collector is an historical survey of both the artist as collector of objects and the artist as a maker of objects.

This eighty slide lecture is highlighted with letters and anecdotes from the artists about their acquisitions. Twenty artists from Giorgio Vasari to Andy Warhol are discussed with examples of the actual works in their collections. This lecture is a valuable resource for museums and educational institutions.

The Art in The Frame

This talk investigates the mystery of the frame and the art it protects.

Slides explore the frame structure and designs through out art’s history with an emphasis placed on artists designed frames. Special attention is given to the use of the frame in contemporary interior design. The talk concludes with the frames historical presentation as subject matter in old master and modern paintings.

Print Collector Beware !!!

A slide presentation demonstrates the techniques and “look” of the various print disciplines. From the preparation of a plate, its proofing states to its final edition. The collector’s information will range from master and modern prints, workshop chops, original and estate signatures, conservation and resale options. This lecture is designed to make the print collector aware of the print world and becoming a knowledgeable buyer in today’s art market.

All lectures are an hour long and eight hundred dollars each plus travel expenses outside the Philadelphia area.

There are institutional discounts for museums and universities.
  Art Greeting Cards
The twelve images we have selected for our initial limited edition card collection will appeal to a wide variety of people. These art greeting cards will provide an outlet for customers with creativity and imagination. The inside is blank to allow for personal messages that can convey a wide range of emotions and occasions. There is something for everybody in the collection, cat people, bookworms, lovers and loving friends.

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