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  A limited Edition Collection of Greeting Cards

The twelve images we have selected for our initial limited edition card collection will appeal to a wide variety of people. These art greeting cards will provide an outlet for customers with creativity and imagination. The inside is blank to allow for personal messages that can convey a wide range of emotions and occasions. There is something for everybody in the collection, cat people, bookworms, lovers and loving friends.

This collection, is being offered as a package of 240 greeting cards consisting of 20 cards each of twelve different images. The wholesale price for the limited edition collection package is $360.00 (plus shipping and handling) wholesaling each card at $1.50 with the suggested retail price of $3.50 each. Replacement orders will be sold in packages of twenty per image for $30.00 per package.

We look forward to your business.
Purchases can be made via PayPal or you can also contact us by email.
Allow two weeks for shipping from date of your order.

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